Gathering attracts a crowd


ANCHORAGE – It feels like half of Alaska showed up at the FedEx Maintenance Hangar at Anchorage International on Saturday. In all the years I’ve been coming to the show, I don’t ever remember seeing the show this busy.

In addition to thousands of people, and a sold-out exhibit area, a wide variety of planes are on display inside and out. Suffice it to say, the 2015 Great Alaska Aviation Gathering is a hit.  [Read more…]

Poor fuel management by Beech pilot

The pilot of the Beech Bonanza was on a cross-country flight that was supposed to take one hour and 50 minutes. At the start there were about 30 gallons of fuel in each wing tank, of which 27 gallons were usable fuel per side, which should have been enough fuel for the length of flight. [Read more…]

Aviation gets its cool back

For the past week I have been acting in a very non-Floridian fashion. While the typical Sunstate dweller seeks shade and close proximity to a pool, I have been standing beside large expanses of pavement soaking up the sun with gusto. My excuse is a good one, however.

I was at SUN ‘n FUN, the kick-off event of the aviation season that attracts people from near and far to sample the delights of aviation from Remotely Piloted Aircraft, also known as drones,  to homebuilts, Warbirds, Light-Sport Aircraft, helicopters, biplanes, the Thunderbirds, the Breitling Jet team, and pretty much anything else that flies or can be installed in an aircraft. [Read more…]