Respect the two great intangibles

It is a basic human drive to acquire things. Historically, this ambition has been used as a means of showing affluence.

Mr. Smith owns a tidy three-bedroom, one-bath house, which causes Mr. Jones to set his sights on a bigger, more opulent home. Mrs. Pierce drives a new mid-line sedan, sparking Mrs. Snyder to purchase an upscale SUV.

The 42-inch LCD television on your apartment wall pales when your neighbor upgrades to a 60-inch model, inspiring you to begin pricing the new 65-inch units.

It’s human nature. You buy a motorcycle, your friend buys a boat. He picks up an iPhone 5, and you go plunk down plastic and take home the new 6. [Read more…]

New Ohio committee focuses on growing aviation

Aviation supporters in Ohio, the “birthplace of aviation,” have a new committee, created to ensure a statewide focus on growing the aviation and aerospace industries.

Legislation to create the Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Technology Committee (OAATC) was passed last year, and committee members — led by state Rep. Rick Perales — have begun developing strategies to promote Ohio’s aviation, aerospace and technology industries, according to a report at [Read more…]

Apex Aviation acquires King Avionics

Apex Aviation, an FAA-approved repair station in Las Vegas, has acquired King Avionics at the Henderson Executive Airport near Las Vegas.

It is now a factory authorized warranty and repair facility, with current dealerships in place — including Avidyne, Mid Continent, Aspen Avionics, and Sandia Aerospace — with several more on the way, according to company officials.

Failure to maintain control during go-around proves fatal

The Cirrus SR20 was captured on airport surveillance cameras as the pilot attempted to land in Bolingbrook, Ill. A review of the video revealed that the plane touched down multiple times about halfway down the runway.

During the go-around, witnesses reported that they observed the SR20 depart the runway and make a left turn at low altitude. It descended with the wings level as it flew over a few buildings. It then hit a tree and a light pole, and then hit terrain next to a bank building. [Read more…]