What is your favorite fly-in or airshow?

69 Props - 2011 Memphis Airshow

The March print issues of General Aviation News will focus on airshows and fly-ins, so we’re asking our readers about their favorites. Is there a show or fly-in you look forward to every year? What makes it special? Any tips for those who want to join in the fun about flying into the field or what to look forward to once at the fly-in? And don’t forget to send us your favorite fly-in photos! We’ll run some in print, as well as online. Send the photos and comments to janice@generalaviationnews.com or reply below in the Comments.

Rare World War II glider restored

a+s Glider

There are some people who get as much joy out of restoring an aircraft as they do out of flying one. Steve Noyes, an A&P/IA and commercial pilot from Newbury, Massachusetts, is one of those people.

Since 1985 he has operated Noyes Enterprises, which includes Birddogs by Noyes, a business dedicated to the restoration and modifications of Cessna L-19 Birddogs, the militarized versions of the C-305. One of the common uses of Birddogs is as a glider tower, so perhaps it’s understandable that a job maintaining tow aircraft led Noyes to the restoration of a 1942 Schweizer training glider, known as a TG-2. [Read more…]

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