Go green in 2015 – fly

They came in droves. From all corners of the globe they flowed into rural Wisconsin filling every hotel room for 100 miles. Houses were rented, tents were pitched, and brats found their way onto the grill. AirVenture was the event. Aviation was the draw. Solid connections between people was the end result.

It was spectacular, simply spectacular, on every level.

Of course when humans gather in large numbers, transit comes into play. Thousands upon thousands of people piled into cars, climbed onto motorcycles, and slid into cockpits for a trip of a dozen miles, or a hundred, or a thousand. That has an impact on our ecology, as well as the economy. [Read more…]

BendixKing debuts electronic attitude indicator


BendixKing reported at AirVenture is in the final certification stages of a solid state attitude indicator that’s designed as an alternative to its legacy mechanical attitude indicators.

The new KI 300 improves operational safety and reliability by replacing the pneumatic-driven attitude system found in most general aviation aircraft with modern attitude and heading reference systems-based technology. It is expected to be available late this year. [Read more…]

Pictures of the day: A bittersweet collection


David Colangelo sent in these three photos, which include images of planes lined up at Hortman Aviation Services at Northeast Philadelphia Airport (KPNE) — “sadly only a few days before it closed its doors after many years,” he said.

The third is on final approach to runway 24 with the sun setting on the right and Philadelphia off in the distance on the left. “Does not get much better than that view!” he concluded. [Read more…]