Amazon makes its case for drone highways in the sky

Much of the talk around the feasibility of Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery service is rightly centered around how the vehicles can be safely squeezed into US airspace, according to a post at GizMag. But Amazon officials have a plan, where drones would get exclusive access to that chunk of airspace between up to 400 feet. The first 200 feet would be dedicated to “low-speed localized traffic,” while 200 feet to 400 feet would be dedicated to “high-speed transit.” The airspace between 400 feet and 500 feet would be declared a no-fly zone to create a buffer between drones and general aviation. Check out the story here and then let us know what you think of the plan in our comment section.

Best of the Best winners revealed

John Purner of the just sent us the results of the “Best of the Best” Fly-In Restaurants for 2015. He notes that, “all tastes are served and every imagination fulfilled; some are very, very impressive high dollar white tablecloth uptown style cafes, others are downhome spots. Each is special. Every region of the country is represented. All of us can look forward to having a meal at an award-winning restaurant this year. They are just a flying adventure away.” [Read more…]