Ametek partners with Kellstrom

WILMINGTON, Mass. – The Sensors and Fluid Management Systems (SFMS) business unit of AMETEK Aerospace & Defense has appointed Kellstrom Materials as its exclusive partner for providing authorized AMETEK surplus products and exchange services.

Kellstrom Materials, a provider of aftermarket parts, repairs, logistics, and supply chain management solutions, will maintain an inventory of overhauled AMETEK SFMS line-replaceable units (LRUs), enabling operators to reduce aircraft downtime and maintenance costs.

A dozen tips to survive Oshkosh camping

AerialNorth40 Bert Reiheld

By Amelia Reiheld and Nina Marousek

“Camping? Ugh. I couldn’t possibly endure that.”

Wait! Nina and Amelia are living proof that it is not only possible, but a great deal of fun, even many decades after the last Girl Scout outing. You just have to know a few secrets.

Nina flew to Oshkosh in formation with a batch of Cessnas on the Saturday before opening day, while Amelia arrived with the Mooney Caravan the following day. The two friends barely saw each other during the show, but compared notes afterward.

Here’s how they survived the experience: [Read more…]