Cessna 182 hits fence

After an uneventful departure, climb, and cruise, the pilot performed a standard 45° entry into the traffic pattern at the high elevation airport in Big Bear, Calif.

The Cessna 182Q descended low during the final approach, and the pilot applied full forward throttle control. The engine responded, however the descent was not arrested as he expected. [Read more…]

Respect the two great intangibles

It is a basic human drive to acquire things. Historically, this ambition has been used as a means of showing affluence.

Mr. Smith owns a tidy three-bedroom, one-bath house, which causes Mr. Jones to set his sights on a bigger, more opulent home. Mrs. Pierce drives a new mid-line sedan, sparking Mrs. Snyder to purchase an upscale SUV.

The 42-inch LCD television on your apartment wall pales when your neighbor upgrades to a 60-inch model, inspiring you to begin pricing the new 65-inch units.

It’s human nature. You buy a motorcycle, your friend buys a boat. He picks up an iPhone 5, and you go plunk down plastic and take home the new 6. [Read more…]

New Ohio committee focuses on growing aviation

Aviation supporters in Ohio, the “birthplace of aviation,” have a new committee, created to ensure a statewide focus on growing the aviation and aerospace industries.

Legislation to create the Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Technology Committee (OAATC) was passed last year, and committee members — led by state Rep. Rick Perales — have begun developing strategies to promote Ohio’s aviation, aerospace and technology industries, according to a report at NBAA.org. [Read more…]