Anachronism or genius?


The world of 100 years ago was quite different than the one we inhabit today. There was no central heat or air-conditioning back then. Private dwellings and places of business were drafty and cold, or insufferably hot, depending on the season. Distances were covered on foot, or on horseback, or in a wagon that bumped along a dirt road with all the grace and poise of a bag of rocks falling down a stairwell. Electricity was scarce at best.

So with all that going against it, why is the past so intriguing? Maybe because it’s known – or at least partially known, and yet it’s still up for discussion. What happened is generally a given. But why it happened, or how it happened is often as much a mystery to us as it was to the bystanders of the day.

Case in point: I give you the Benoist flying boat that established the first scheduled commercial air route in the world. The year was 1914, the place was Tampa Bay, Florida. And the pilot was Tony Jannus, a daredevil of a man who flew airplanes when airplanes were barely understood. [Read more…]

Mercy Flight Southeast extends chance to win flight with AeroShell Aerobatic Team


Mercy Flight Southeast is extending the time period to purchase tickets to win a flight with the AeroShell Aerobatic Team when it performs at the SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-in and Expo, in Lakeland, Florida, at the end of April.

The drawing will now be held on Friday, April 10, during the Dr. Norris Pilot Awards Gala for Mercy Flight Southeast in West Palm Beach.

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