‘My First Log Book’ – a gift for all ages

My First Log Book, with “…and Activity Book” as a too-easily-overlooked subtitle, is one of those great ideas for children who fly, whether via general aviation or the airlines.

Not only does it encourage children to write about their travels and the things they observe along the way, but it includes activities such as mazes and other postponements of the all-too-familiar “are we there yet?” question.

It almost certainly will make a wonderful keepsake as a child grows older. Imagine that child sitting with his or her own children or grandchildren, poring over “My First Log Book” and sharing its adventures with younger generations.

The book’s author, Joyce F. Logan, is a stay-at-home mother to her twins, Olivia Rose and Thomas Michael, who were born July 23, 2003. “The idea for this book came from a family friend, Dick Cutler, who suggested that I keep a log of the children’s flying adventures,” Logan explained. “My husband, Scott, is a private pilot. I thought it was such a great idea that I decided to create this log book and activity book for children.”

The Logans live in Pipersville, Pa., a central Bucks County town founded by the family of William T. Piper of Cub fame.The delightful little book can be purchased directly from Logan, either by e-mail at AviationAdv@epix.net or by calling 610-294-3056. It costs $14.99 and there is an additional (modest) shipping charge. Delivery takes about two weeks, so order soon to make sure the book is wrapped and under the tree for the holidays.

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