Continuing problem?

GAN has been one of the easiest to read. I enjoy the stories and letters to the editor, etc., until a few months ago. For some unknown reason, articles are being continued in other parts of the paper. I read part of an article and by the time I wade through the paper to find the continuation, I’ve either lost interest or forgot what I was reading. Sometimes it is necessary to skip pages, i.e. full-page ads, etc. But in the Nov. 12, 2004, issue there are a number of continuations that are unnecessary, thus making the stories hard to follow. Page 33 is continued to Page 37. The Walsh article could have finished on pages 34 and then the Wellington article could have started on 35 and finished on 36 without the continuation of Wellington on Page 36 being necessary.

I am not an editor, but it seems to me it must be somewhat confusing to remember where something is continued from what page to what page. But as a reader you lose the continuity of the story when you have to go looking for the finish of a story someplace else.

GAN has been excellent for the past year or two without continuing articles. Please go back to the old way. Recently continuations have been creeping back in, but not as bad as the Nov. 12 edition.

George Pierson
via email

Editor’s Note: The continuation of stories in the Nov. 12 issue was dictated by which pages were available for color photos. We wanted to highlight the pink Stearman at the Wellington airpark and to do that we had to start the story on Page 34. Thanks for your letter and we’ll do our best to keep GAN an easy-to-read publication.

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