Each aircraft has its own skill level

I would like to respond to Brian Sheets’ comments on sport pilot flight time. If you take out the flight time required for a private license, which includes three hours instrument, three hours night time and the cross-country requirements, you are back to the flight time for sport pilot.

The aircraft, such as Cubs and Aeroncas, have their own special piloting skills that are much more difficult than the 172 you fly. If you have ever flown a sport type aircraft,you find that they often fly low and slow.

Glider pilots have never had to have a medical. They can even fly a motor glider that can cruise at 130 knots.

I fly a jet aircraft, Cessna 180 and an Aeronca. Each aircraft has it own skill level and enjoyment.

I suggest that you open your flying experience by learning to fly a sport aircraft.

Richard Dorman
Basin City, Wash.

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