When hurricanes blow, fly your plane out!

I agree with Michael Gleason’s letter (How Stupid!) in a previous issue. I lived on the Gulf Coast four years, in Key West, Fla., for about two years, and in the Jacksonville, Fla., area more than 15 years. Due to the “possibility” of a hurricane hitting the area, I flew our airplane out of Key West once and out of Slidell, La., twice.

Logically, I cannot do anything but board up windows on a house to prevent damage. Whatever damage occurs will be done whether I am there or not. I cannot prevent that. What about mandatory evacuation? You aren’t at your house.

If an airplane is flyable, fly it out to prevent damage. It is not logical to leave it tied down or in a hangar, which will collapse onto it, when it can be flown out. Minimize your loss. As Michael pointed out, the Navy and USAF fly their airplanes out. I have “been there and done that” with our airplanes.

I cannot comprehend people leaving their airplane in an area that may be hit by a hurricane, or even worse, flying an airplane into an area that may be hit by a hurricane. It is sad, unnecessary and very costly to allow a flyable airplane to be damaged by a hurricane.

Harry Bladow
Independence, Ore.

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