High-tech portable GPU now available

Enhanced Flight Group of Lexington, Kentucky, has introduced a new type of Ground Power Unit (GPU) designed for piston and light turbine aircraft.

The 978 Series GPU represents a dramatic departure in ground power design. It is lightweight — about 22 lbs. — and easily portable. It uses high-efficiency switching-mode power technology to provide massive amounts of stable, noisefree DC, regardless of load, from ordinary 120-volt AC current.

These new generation GPUs are designed as a practical alternative to large, expensive start carts, battery chargers, and other transformer/rectifier-based power systems designed primarily for engine/battery power. They are suitable for either starter assist or ground operation of airframe systems, such as avionics, heating and ventilation systems, cabin entertainment systems and hydraulic and electric motors for landing gear.

EFG offers two output configurations: Model 978-2860, 28 Volts DC, 50 amps continuous, 60 amps surge for $895; and Model 978-1480, 14 Volts DC, 80 amps continuous for $695. An 8-foot AWG-4 cable with 3-pin oval female plug equivalent to AN2551 is available for $95.

For more information: 859-255-4511.

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