Navguard brings security to your parked airplane

Electronic security systems have been a part of the auto industry for some time now. Until now, the only security for aircraft were prop guards and door locks.

Engineers at E&E Electronic Engineering Research have created an electronic security system, the Navguard EE777AB, that is both portable and monitored.

The unit is completely self contained, requiring no installation. The monitoring system piggybacks on existing cellular phone infrastructure.

Set the unit in your plane, lock the doors, press the activation button on the key fob and you are done. If the alarm (110 db sounder) goes off, an operator will contact the owner first (to determine a false alarm). If the owner cannot be reached at the primary number, subsequent numbers will be attempted. If the owner cannot be reached then, local police are contacted.

The system is portable, which means when you fly somewhere, just call the monitoring service to advise them of your destination. They’ll watch the plane wherever you go.

Price: $999, plus $19.99 per month for monitoring. Lease and finance options also exist.

For more information: 888-452-8988.

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