Private label batteries save Citation owners money and maintenance

Wilco private label aircraft batteries can save Cessna Citation owners money and maintenance. The Wilco battery is a Concorde Maintenance Free Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid Battery with a Wilco label. STC paperwork is included with both the Wilco private label and Concorde batteries.

No modification is required for any aircraft, and there is no change to the Pilot’s Operating Handbook. The battery comes fully charged and ready to install. No maintenance is required, however, a first inspection is required at 12 months or 600 hours, whichever comes first.

The Wilco battery and kit is $1,992, while a Concorde battery and kit is $2,242. STC paperwork is free.

STC kits include a temperature sensing plate and temp sensor placed under the battery.

For more information: 316-943-3979.

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