“Ram-air” STC now available for Grumman AA-5 Traveler and AA-5A Cheetah

Approach Aviation Development, Inc. has received an STC for an alternate air system for Grumman AA-5 Travelers and AA-5A Cheetahs.

The new “RAM-Air” system is designed to provide an alternate source of induction air to the engine without the restriction of the standard induction air filter. It allows the pilot to bypass the induction air filter in-flight without the reduction in available engine power caused by resorting to carburetor heat. A cable control in the cockpit opens and closes a valve into the airbox that supplies unfiltered, high-pressure air from the available air in front of the forward engine baffling.

The high-pressure location of the inlet provides a source of “Ram-Air” which has been tested to increase manifold pressure by approximately 1/2+” Hg. This equates to more horsepower at altitudes where normally aspirated aircraft engines typically produce 75% power or less. The system also increases the service ceiling and effectively reduces the aircraft’s pressure altitude by about 750 feet msl.

Introductory price is $750. Installation takes about four to six hours.

For more information: 877-564-4457/

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