The gracious South

Keep up the great work! I think any article about the gracious South would be amiss if it failed to mention Pinehurst. Pinehurst, located in Pinehurst, N.C. (near the city of Southern Pines), is one of America’s great golf resorts. Home to the 1995 US Open, won by Payne Stewart, who was tragically killed in his jet shortly thereafter, it is hosting the 2005 U.S. Open this June. The resort ( is classic Southern in all aspects — the architecture of the main Carolina Inn, the courtesy and politeness of all the staff, the wonderful dining experiences, and, of course, the numerous golf courses, including the renowned Pinehurst #2.

The local airport is KSOP in Southern Pines, N.C. The FBO there is host to many high end golf professionals and instructors, as well as local business operations.

National guard Blackhawk helicopters train nearby and can often be seen there as well. The Pinehurst resort provides courtesy transportation to/from the resort and airport, at no cost to their clientele. We have often flown over for the spectacular Sunday brunch, or an occasional round of golf in addition to our annual stays there for Mother’s Day and the Fall holidays.

John Latz, M.D.
Mooresville, N.C.

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