L-3 Avionics releases Landmark TAWS with WAAS-GPS sensor

L-3 Avionics Systems has released its new LandMark TAWS Model 8100 with WAAS-GPS sensor. The LandMark 8100 is the first stand-alone Class B TAWS to offer the accuracy of a WAAS-GPS sensor.

Utilizing the highly accurate WAAS-GPS positioning information, the LandMark 8100 eliminates the need for multiple inputs from other aircraft sensors, simplifying the installation process. By operating autonomously, the LandMark 8100 provides the highest integrity terrain data without complicated GPS, ADC or temperature inputs. The new LandMark Class B TAWS System boasts a 320-mile range at an introductory price of $12,500.

L-3 Avionics has also teamed with Butler National Corporation (BNC) and its wholly owned subsidiary AVCON Industries, Inc., to provide turnkey support and repair capabilities for the FC110 Autopilot System fitted to the Lear 20 Series. AVCON holds a Group STC for Lear 20 Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums (RVSM), jointly pursued with its development partner BizJet.

The FC110 autopilot system was originally manufactured by J.E.T. from 1965 to 1985 for Lear 20 series new production aircraft. While out of production for 20 years, L-3 Avionics Systems remains dedicated to the support and service of the FC110. Through the retention of experienced technicians and engineers, as well as access to all original drawings and specifications, L-3 has addressed parts obsolescence and incorporated modifications to achieve restored performance in all aspects of the autopilot system.

For more information: 800-253-9525.

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