A star-studded evening

The Evergreen Aviation Museum is rolling out the red carpet Feb. 27 to celebrate the 11 Academy Award nominations received by “”The Aviator.””

The film, which has already won three Golden Globe awards, depicts the life of Howard Hughes and his contributions to modern aviation. The movie includes Evergreen Aviation Museum’s largest attraction, the “”Spruce Goose,”” built during World War II and later flown by Howard Hughes.

The museum provided technical consulting on the film. (For an in-depth story on the making of the film, see the Feb. 11 issue of General Aviation News).

During the museum’s Oscar party, guests will walk the red carpet, tour the museum, watch a live-feed of the Academy Awards and enjoy a special behind-the-scenes presentation by the film’s special effects production team.

The museum is in the process of releasing its own “”Dream to Fly”” documentary narrated by Walter Cronkite, which chronicles the fascinating journey of the Hughes Flying Boat from conception to its final home at the museum. The documentary will air on the Military Channel (formerly called Discovery Wings) throughout 2005, and distribution on DVD will begin soon.

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