Hartzell debuts new propeller system for Cessna Hawk XP

Hartzell Propeller Inc. introduces a new propeller conversion kit for landplane versions of the Cessna R172K Hawk XP.

The 75-inch, three-bladed propeller system replaces the original 76-inch, two-bladed McCauley system. Hartzell’s testing demonstrated improved takeoff acceleration through 55 KIAS, increased maximum rate of climb performance below 10,000 feet, and a 1-3 knot increase in cruise speed at 60%-80% power. Another improvement is reduced diameter for better tip clearance and reduced blade erosion. The Hartzell kit also is compatible with the Isham STCs that increase R172K engine ratings up to 210 hp.

List price: $8,995, which includes the propeller, polished spinner and STC paperwork. For more information: 800-942-7767.

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