What about the Wright?

You mentioned never hearing of an aircraft engine producing one horsepower per cubic inch (Can you have more power and reliability? Jan. 28 issue).

How about those Wright compound R-3350s of 3700 hp? These great engines powered Douglas DC-7s, Fairchild C-119s, Lockheed Super Connies and P2V Neptunes, etc.

I flew PV2-Vs with these and we often got 2,200 hours between overhauls. Yes, they were temperamental, 145-octane fuel and “water injection” above 3,400 hp. I have shut down and feathered my share of these for prop and accessories problems, but never for a “core engine” problem. And, they had a “specific fuel consumption” of 0.37 lb/hr/hp! Compare that with modern engines, even diesel!

Roger Hewitt
Kent, Wash.

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