Electronic Logbook offers simplicity

Logbook Pro uses a simple yet feature-rich format to enter each one of your flights and the data associated with it. It automatically organizes and keeps a running total of all flight time, which lets the user extract whatever data is needed in various formats.

It contains many automation features, such as autofill, automatic time calculations, error checking to ensure compliance with regulations, and complete user-defined customization and formatting control. Users can customize columns, generate more than 60 reports or design their own report using the included report designer.

Logbook Pro comes in three formats: The Standard Edition allows a single pilot to use the software on a single computer ($69.95); the Professional Edition allows a single pilot to install the software on two computers, such as a computer at home or work and a laptop computer taken along while traveling ($99.95); and the Enterprise Edition, which has all of the same features as the Professional Edition and allows unlimited data files on one computer ($149.95). This is ideal for FBOs, flight schools, businesses or households with multiple pilots.

The optional Logbook Pro PDA add-on allows you to take your electronic logbook with you when you fly using the Palm and Pocket PC Companions ($24.95). You can easily add or review flight time on your trip, then sync with your PC when you get home and the data are automatically added to the main file.

Logbook Pro also tracks certificates, ratings and anything with an expiration, such as medicals and flight reviews. The software also allows for easy importing of other electronic logbook files. When you are ready for your next checkride, Logbook Pro will fill out your Form 8710 and print it for you.

For more information: 800-SPORTYS.

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