ExxonMobil introduces oil for breaking in piston engines

ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants has introduced Exxon Aviation Oil 20W-50, a non-dispersant lubricant for the break-in of new or newly overhauled aircraft piston engines. The multi-grade oil can be used year-round, in high- and low-temperature climates.

“Aviation engine builders and overhaul companies recommend or require a non-dispersant oil for break-in during an engine’s first hours of use, but non-dispersant oils are generally available only in monograde formulations that perform best at a narrow temperature range,” explains Ken Fritz, global marketing manager, ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants. “In the past, this has meant that pilots often had to use a break-in oil that was too viscous for their operating environment.” The new oil solves that problem by providing an all-season, all-weather oil for the break-in period, he said.

The oil is manufactured from high thermal/oxidation stability base oils and is approved by the U.S. military and leading engine manufacturers, including Teledyne Continental Motors and Textron Lycoming. The product is compatible with all commercial non-dispersant and ashless-dispersant piston-engine oils and can be mixed in any proportion with any other certified aviation piston engine oil.

For more information: 888-22-TIGER.

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