Jack system for near-vertical landing gear now available

There’s something excessive about having to use wing jacks to replace a tire on a retractable-gear aircraft. It’s a lot of trouble for a small task. The Tribal Jack, the latest addition to Bogert Aviation’s AeroJack line, can eliminate some of the hassle.

The jack has an adjustable side-shelf, which provides a lifting range of 3.5 inches to 11.5 inches to quickly accommodate many axle heights and tire/wheel combinations. An enlarged base plate eliminates the chance of tipping and provides additional stability if required on grass or sand.

Compact and portable, the Tribal Jack stows easily, doubling as an emergency jack when carried with a spare.

The jack is an alternative to wing jacks when servicing brakes, bearings or simply changing a tire on aircraft with near-vertical landing gear. Bogert states the jack will work on all single and twin aircraft with near-vertical mains and nose gear, with few exceptions.

Price is $179.

For more information: 800-627-8088.

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