Raisbeck’s ZR LITE System FAA certification now includes West Star Aviation’s RVSM system

Raisbeck Engineering’s ZR LITE Performance System for the Learjet 35/36 fleet has been FAA-approved with West Star Aviation’s Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) System.

No changes to the West Star RVSM installation are required for any of the Raisbeck Systems, and previously equipped RVSM airplanes also need no updates when installing the ZR LITE System.

This milestone is applicable to any Learjet 35/36 series aircraft equipped with the West Star RVSM system. Raisbeck Engineering is completing similar certification efforts with Bombardier Aviation Services and expects inclusion of the ZR LITE System with their RVSM system soon.

The ZR LITE system was FAA certified in October 2004.

For more information: 206-723-2000.

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