Cessna 206 gets upgraded Rolls-Royce powerplant mod from Soloy

What do you get when you hang a shiny new and more powerful Rolls-Royce turbine engine on the nose of one of aviation’s premier workhorse aircraft? “Everything,” says David A. Stauffer, CEO of Olympia-based Soloy, LLC, an aircraft modification company. Soloy, purchased late last year by a team headed by Elling Halvorson, is about to unveil a new enhancement to the existing Soloy Cessna 206 – the Rolls-Royce Model 250-B17F/2 engine.

The first newly modified Soloy Turbine Cessna 206, scheduled for rollout this spring, features improved performance in hot weather and at high altitudes, provides increased payload due to its lower empty weight, offers superior over-the-nose visibility for flight crews and passengers, and, with a full reversing Beta controlled prop, enhances float plane operations and gives the aircraft a dramatically improved short-field capability.

Current operators of Soloy Turbine Powered Cessnas will be able to upgrade to this latest configuration.

Soloy expects FAA certification in late 2005 and is taking deposits for deliveries in early 2006.

For more information: 360-754-7000.

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