New door seals for Cessnas approved

Aircraft Door Seals, LLC, has received FAA-PMA approval for the installation of a new door seal on all Cessna single engine aircraft, including models 336 and 337.

The new seal was developed from a special rubber compound that meets military specifications as well as FAA requirements for a door seal. The rubber compound was used by NASA for expansion joints, gaskets and shock pads, making it ideal for a door seal. The rubber compound compresses and conforms to the sealing surface providing a leak-free seal. The seal comes with a special pressure sensitive adhesive backing that cures with age, making it easy to apply. It bonds with any clean metal surface, painted or bare aluminum. The seal is installed in the channel on the fuselage, not the door, which provides for complete closing and sealing of the doors and windows.

Each seal kit contains ample seal material for each application, an engineering drawing for installation of the new seal, detailed instructions, including the removal of the old seal, a packet of lubricant to enhance the life and sealing properties of the rubber and a tube of super glue to bond the seal as needed.

Price is $39.95 for windows and baggage door, $69.95 for the front entry door, and $79.95 for the 206/207 double doors.

For more information: 405-470-3636.

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