SJ30-2 bizjet receives critical FAA approvals ahead of schedule

Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corp. recently achieved two milestones towards certification of its SJ30-2 business jet.

Two critical Type Inspection Authorization (TIA) approvals, for systems and high speed upsets, were recently received from the FAA. TIA authorization is approval from the FAA to move to the next phase of testing for the items passed.

“Now that all of our critical high speed flight testing is finished, we are aggressively finishing the additional flight testing required for the FAA certification,” said Dr. Carl Chen, Sino Swearingen’s president and CEO. “Over two years ago we projected certification for the second half of this year and we are on time and on schedule to meet that deadline.”

The new Sino Swearingen SJ30-2 business jet is a high performance, long range, twin jet aircraft with a 2,875-sm range and a cruise speed to Mach .83 (560 mph). Powered by Williams International FJ44-21 fanjets, the SJ30-2 will operate at altitudes to 49,000 feet. It will be certified for single pilot operations.

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