Super Cub replacement exhaust system boosts power and performance

Results of extensive dynomometer testing of the certified replacement exhaust system for the Super Cub from Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC (LEES) show increased power and performance.

Introduced two years ago, the LEES Super Cub exhaust system replaces the original Cub exhaust plagued by an AD, which requires inspections of the muffler every 100 hours for the first 1,000 hours and every 50 hours thereafter. The LEES system eliminates the AD, saving owners and operators time, money and wear on the equipment.

Recently released independent test results from LYCON Engine Rebuilding of Visalia, Calif., show that a 150 hp Lycoming O-320-A2B engine produced 16 hp and 27 lb/ft of torque more than the same engine equipped with a stock exhaust system. A 180 hp Lycoming O-360-A1A engine gained 22 hp and 20 lb/ft of torque.

The LEES system removes the stock crossover pipes, which results in a more balanced backpressure (within 0.05 PSI, while the stock system varies by as much as 1.5 PSI) and reduces heat exposure to the oil sump, starter and alternator.

Each cylinder has its own separate exhaust pipe connecting it to a dual inlet muffler, which means the exhaust risers and gaskets can be removed on an individual basis without removing the cowling or swinging the engine. The dual-inlet muffler incorporates two patented baffles that are made from thicker stock than the original. This translates to increased part life and a larger, more effective heating surface area for the muffler.

A complete installation kit is available for the PA-18-150 hp and PA-18-160 hp for $3,195 including all hardware, instructions and STC. Add $300 for the 180 hp model. Installation requires a couple of hours depending on the number of control cables rerouted. No cowling modifications are required.

For more information: 907-248-1188.

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