cannot believe you would allow an article to be published that was written by someone who obviously does not know the difference between a C-82 and a C-119 (“Flight of the Phoenix — 2004 vs. 1965”, Feb. 11 issue).

Bobby R. Jackson
via email

Editor’s Note: As many of our readers pointed out, the aircraft used in the 2004 version of “Flight of the Phoenix” was a C-119, not a C-82. According to the reference material used during the writing of the piece, the C-119 is a later model of the C-82 and “essentially the same aircraft.” We now know better. We have since learned that the C-119 used in the first 10 minutes of the movie belongs to Hawkins and Powers Co. in Greybull, Wyo., which has an outdoor museum that operates from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Among the aircraft on display are PB4Ys, P2Vs, C-130s, KC-97s, C-119s, C-82 and C-123. For more information: HawkinsAndPowers.com.

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