A new meaning to ‘Let’s do lunch’

Imagine the chaos at the drive-through window when Doug Bernard and Becky Larson of New Iberia, La., ordered 450 sandwiches from the local Schlotzsky’s Deli – enough to feed all 450 people who work at The Lancair Co.

Actually, they used the phone, not the drive-through, but they did buy lunch for the entire company. The couple say they did it as a gesture of thanks to the people who contributed to building their new airplane, a turbocharged Columbia 400.

“”From the first time I saw one to the first time I flew one I knew that the folks who build them must be decent people,”” Bernard said. “”She’s a beautiful airplane and we just wanted to thank the people who built her for us. When someone does something nice for you, you should tip them. That’s just what you do.””

“”Our sales staff hear the customers’ excitement for the product all the time, but the folks who actually put them together don’t get to hear that, at least not directly, very often,”” said Mike Schrader, Lancair’s North American sales manager. “”I know this means a lot to them. It’s things like this that make what we do fun.””

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