Could we be regulated out of all airspace?

Several recent letters were critical of the National Rifle Association (To create a powerhouse GA, model the NRA, Jan. 28 issue). Well rest assured, if it wasn’t for the NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation, The Gun Owners of America, and The Citizen’s Committee to Keep & Bear Arms, their rights to own a gun of any description would be very similar to the confiscation that’s happened in the UK and Australia. As has been said, all the antigun laws that have been enacted since 1934 are not keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.

General aviation needs a stronger voice, as I have perceived that the FAA, through the years, isn’t nearly as friendly towards us GAers as it was 40 years ago. If it wasn’t for AOPA, GAMA, several aviation-oriented magazines and newspapers, we would possibly be regulated out of all of the U.S. airspace.

Keith Wickett
via email

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