Evergreen Aviation Museum now selling Hughes documentary

In December 2003, the Evergreen Aviation Museum premiered its newest documentary endeavor “Dream to Fly: Howard Hughes and the Flying Boat.” The film, which chronicles the history of the famous “Spruce Goose,” is now available for sale.

The documentary explores the truths and myths behind one of the world’s most famous airplanes, the “Spruce Goose.” The documentary traces the aircraft from its inception in 1942 through its famous, brief flight over the Pacific Ocean Nov. 2, 1947, and its final destination – the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Ore.

Narrated by Walter Cronkite, the hour-long documentary consists of interviews with the flight crew (including Merle Coffee, Don Smith and John Glenn), construction workers and engineers, and rare color film and photographs. The DVD also includes an hour of extras. Viewers will enjoy an interior tour of the “Spruce Goose;” a time lapse of the disassembly of the aircraft in Long Beach and its reassembly in McMinnville; James MacNamara’s historic 1947 radio broadcast; a slideshow of more than 200 images documenting the history of the “Spruce Goose;” and a tour of the Evergreen Aviation Museum.

Price: $19.95.

For more information: 503-434-4239, 888-9SPRUCE.

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