New sunglasses improve cockpit performance

The HDL-3C Sunglass Lens improves pilots’ visual performance in the cockpit. Developed specifically for the aviation industry, HDL-3C filters reduce the light reaching the eye in order to reduce glare, but they also improve the color and color contrast throughout the color spectrum, which improves visual performance.

This is particularly effective when flying as it improves the perception of moving objects, cloud formations, other aircraft, ground landmarks, runways, as well as aiding in reading maps and instrumentation.

The Accessory Group (TAG) has developed a line of sunglass styles for maximum pilot headset comfort under the COLOREYES brand name. The Ultra Light Rimless Beta Titanium Aviator Frame named Argento is virtually indestructible, yet it weighs less than 12 grams and it will never puncture an ear cup seal. There are 22 styles to select from with lens choices of copper-rose, green, and smoke.

Prices range from $199 to $239.

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