Panther Electronics now shipping 21st century headphone replacement

A new Stereo Aircraft Headset C.A.T. System is now available from Panther Electronics. The molded earpiece system, which weighs just two ounces, replaces conventional headphone systems.

Noise reduction beats most, if not all, the ANR (Active Noise Reduction) conventional headsets currently available, company officials claim. The noise reduction rating (NRR) with custom molded ear pieces is up to 46 dB.

The small boom microphone is fitted behind one ear for comfort and stability, with the receiver transducers embedded in each earpiece.

The C.A.T. System comes with a video and a kit for making your own ear impressions for the custom ear pieces. Included in the system is the 9-ounce controller, which can clip to the aircraft, and is self-contained with volume control and internal gain potentiometer that can be adjusted to optimize transmission performance.

Covered by a Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty, the C.A.T. System is available in three models. The original without a boom microphone sells for $525, the Micro Ear Dual Aircraft Headset (speaker in each ear) sells for $599, and the Stereo Model sells for $625.

For more information: 407-957-1600.

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