Aircraft Spruce adds trio of books detailing first century of flight

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty has added a three-volume work on the history of aviation to it growing list of aviation products. All three are titled “Aviation Century” and the three subtitles are “The Early Years,” “The Golden Years,” and “World War II.”

The first volume focuses on the period from 1900 to 1939, covering the Wright Brothers and other pioneers like Charles Lindberg, Santos-Dumont, Farman, Bleriot, Caproni, Curtiss and AV Roe. The story is told in 157 pages, with 130 photographs. In volume two, the focus is on the record-setters who were obsessed with speed during the golden age of air racing, the pilots who sought to be first in crossing oceans, jungles, ice caps and incredible mountain ranges. It also illuminates the attraction of flying circuses, daredevil acts and the air shows that have wowed audiences since the end of World War II with ever more challenging aerobatics. The book is 288 pages with 320 illustrations.

Volume three begins with the German blitzkrieg and Battle of Britain and takes the reader through the end, with descriptions of types and models used by each nation involved in the war. It is 352 pages with 400 photographs.

All three books are in hardcover and sell for $39.95 each, plus shipping.

For more information: 877-4 SPRUCE.

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