Mooney adds airbags to Bravo and Ovation

Mooney Airplane Co. will add air bags to all its Bravo and Ovation models.

First deliveries of models equipped with the AmSafe Aviation Inflatable Restraints (AAIR) were made earlier this month.

The seatbelt airbags are standard equipment for the pilot and copilot seats of all Mooney Bravo and Ovation models (M20K, M20M, M20R, M20S). Rear seats can also be fitted with the airbags as an option.

The Mooney version of the AAIR consists of a three-point restraint system that deploys away from the occupant during a crash. The occupant’s head, neck and upper torso are cushioned from damaging head strikes and soft tissue damage that can occur in a forward facing crash incident. NTSB general aviation statistics show that most crash events are survivable, especially when head and neck injuries are minimized with proper protection.

The airbags are on several commercial jets, as well as some Cessna airplanes. They also will be on the Adam Aircraft A700.

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