‘The Oklahoma Aviation Story’ debuts

The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission (OAC) has released “The Oklahoma Aviation Story,” a new historical retrospective sponsored by the commission and produced by the Oklahoma Heritage Association.

The OAC commissioned the book to celebrate the 100th year of powered flight and to promote awareness of Oklahoma’s rich aviation heritage. Authors include Keith Tolman, Kim Jones, Carl Gregory and Bill Moore. Gini Moore Campbell served as the series editor and Bob Blackburn served as associate editor. The book is the first comprehensive overview of aviation history in Oklahoma, according to Victor Bird, aeronautics director for the state.

“The book relates the drama, the thrill and the agony, plus the humor, the tragedy and the anticipation of flight in our state,” he said. “It features many famous Oklahomans, including Wiley Post, Will Rogers and Tom Stafford, including many more who contributed to the glorious story of Oklahomans soaring in the skies over our landscape. This book will serve as a research tool for future generations.”

Price: $29.95. For more information: 405-235-4458.

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