Blackhawk King Air XP now offers McCauley four-bladed prop

McCauley offers Blackhawk King Air XP operators another option to improve the performance of their aircraft. The FAA recently granted Blackhawk Modifications an STC for installation of a McCauley C762 four-bladed propeller on the Blackhawk King Air XP.

Blackhawk King Air XP operators have primarily used the existing three-blade or four-blade factory original propellers. The McCauley C762 four-bladed propeller provides better climb and cruise performance and lowers cabin noise when compared with other three- and four-bladed propellers on the King Air models, according to McCauley officials.

The Blackhawk King Air XP modifications exchange the Beechcraft King Air’s original engines with new 750 shp PT6A-135A engines, which are flat rated to 550 shp for takeoff. The engines add approximately 18 pounds to the empty weight of the aircraft and require no nacelle or engine mount modifications.

For more information: 800-621-PROP.

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