Oregon Aero headset upgrades available

Discerning pilots have discovered that “forgettable is good” when it comes to using the Oregon Aero Aviation Headset Upgrade.

The upgrade kits are customized for nearly every make and model of headset and are so comfortable that pilots say they forget they are wearing them. With pain problems solved, pilots and passengers are free to engage fully in the experience of flight.

The upgrade consists of five components, each customized for the headset type and model, and each made by hand:

– SoftTop Headset Cushion — Made of 100% plush sheepskin wool, it eliminates top-of-head pressure and keeps heads cool or warm. The cushion is moisture-proof and self-wicking and features a flexible leather backing. Price varies from $9.50-$26.

– SoftSeal Ear Cushions — With 200-300% more volume for total comfort, these ear cushions conform to the head. Made of synthetic leather covering over a temperature- and pressure-sensitive visco-elastic foam core, the ear cushions eliminate ear pressure and can be worn comfortably over earrings and eyewear. Price: $45-$51.

– SoftSkin Ear Seal Covers — The loose-fitting covers are slipped over the ear cushions. Self-wicking reduces perspiration buildup and extends the life of the ear cushions. Price: $9.

– HushKit Passive Ear Cup Noise Attenuation Kit — Composed of four die-cut visco-elastic foam layers that fill all ear cup voids, it improves noise attenuation and intelligibility so pilots can turn down radio volume to better understand what is being said in the voice frequency range. Price: $25.

– MicMuff Microphone Cover — This component allows a noise-canceling microphone to do its job above 97dB, eliminating cockpit noise and static from radios and intercoms. A soft, synthetic leather cover over a foam sleeve creates a chamber around the microphone, allowing voice dialogue to enter easily through holes in the cover. The elasticized tie ensures a secure fit. Price: $12.

For more information: 800-888-6910.

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