No empirical evidence

I’m writing about your statement “A preheater left on simply becomes a giant condensation generator resulting in internal engine corrosion” (What led to camshaft damage? Ask Paul, April 22 issue).

There is no empirical evidence I’m aware of supporting the above statement regarding the relationship between preheaters and corrosion, but based on logic I think your comments may be an oversimplification. May I suggest you read what I have to say about this topic in our web site,, and contact me. I’d welcome your comments. Might even be a good topic to expand on in a future article. Whether continuous preheater use is ok or not is one of the most frequently asked questions we get from customers.

On my own airplanes, I do not leave the preheater plugged in continuously. I plug it in the day before I fly, or at least several hours. At all other times I have a 25 watt heater stuffed up the exhaust pipe to keep the top end above the dew point and keep valves, cylinders, etc., from rusting. I also keep the dip stick loose to allow ventilation of moisture from the crankcase.

Robert Reiff
Reiff Preheat Systems
Ft. Atkinson, Wis.

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