US Door offers ‘wind-load certified’ option

Four major hurricanes in less than two months increased the awareness for Wind-load Certified roll-up industrial metal doors manufactured by US Door & Building Components.

In 2004, Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne devastated various parts of Florida. US Door & Building Components President John McLane, based in Orlando, witnessed much of the destruction firsthand.

“In a vast majority of the commercial building and self-storage cases, the story was always the same – if the doors remained intact, then the roof remained intact and damage was minor or non-existent,” he said. “But if the door blew in or vacated the opening, then all or part of the roof came apart.”

US Door’s Wind-load Certified rollup door models are engineered and tested to withstand winds in excess of 140 mph. Several models meet or exceed the tough Miami-Dade County Building and Zoning requirements.

In addition to wind-load resistance, these models provide protection and security against vandals and break-ins.

Most doors are available in 22 colors and sizes to fit all applications.

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