EA Logs brings your logbooks into the 21st century

EA Logs can make your aircraft’s logbooks more usable. With the average age of GA aircraft well past the quarter century mark, logbooks are aging as well. Most shops print log entries on stickers, which makes reading the entries simple, but what about the last 30 years of log entries? Handwritten entries can be difficult to read, while finding old information is time consuming and frustrating.

Imagine taking your half-dozen airframe and engine logbooks and being able to thumb through only a few pages, easily searching for the information you want. What if this information also was on a disk so you could use your computer to search for anything you want? Just type in “annual,” “overhaul” or “tire,” for example, and instantly find the information you need.

The electronic logs can help you sell your plane as well, according to Nate Perlman, a pilot who designed the logs. You can provide any potential buyer or pre-purchase shop with an email file or copy of your aircraft’s logs in an easy to read, simple and professional format.

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