GA’s needs

I am a student presently attending Everett Community College Aviation School in Washington State with one quarter to go and will be obtaining my license this summer. I presently work at Goodrich ATS as a avionics tech on 737s, 757s and 767s. I started as an intern last year and became full time in November.

My main reason for writing to you is to ask whether in your travels amongst the general aviation community, what have you learned about specific needs not being fulfilled in services, for example, maintenance or any other things aircraft owners are in need of.

The reason why I am asking is that I would like to find a new niche in the GA marketplace, but I do not have the years of interacting with aircraft owners, etc., such as yourselves to know what they need.

I was thinking of maybe making up a questionnaire to hand out at different airports to the GA owners and pilots to see what their needs and future needs may be.

Mike Brady
Edmonds, Wash.

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