One GPS, many applications

Franson Technology has released Franson GpsGate, a Windows and PocketPC utility that lets you run many GPS applications using a single GPS. You can create any number of virtual serial ports, simulate a GPS, and log and replay GPS data.

Serious GPS users often have several applications that they want to run simultaneously. With Franson GpsGate, you can share one GPS among several applications. Simply create additional virtual serial ports, and most NMEA-enabled GPS applications can connect to them.

With Franson GpsGate, pilots can simultaneously access their flight plans and weather data.

Franson GpsGate has a built-in simulator. Define a set of waypoints, and it will simulate a GPS travelling between those waypoints. It also has a built-in logger. You can log and play back real-time GPS data, and save real-time scenarios, and use them for analysis, demonstration, or software development back in the office.

Franson GpsGate also can be used to perform a number of specialized GPS-related functions. For example, many NMEA GPS applications cannot communicate with the Garmin GPS 18 because it is a USB device. Franson GpsGate lets you connect your USB hardware and GPS software. Franson GpsGate can be used by people on a LAN, with several mobile Windows computers and a single GPS device.

Franson GpsGate Standard for Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP or for PocketPC costs $29.95 for a single-user license. Franson GpsGate Express, a light version of Franson GpsGate Standard, is available for $14.95 for either platform. You can download free, 14-day trial versions at

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