Wilco offers battery savings to Cessna owners

Wilco now has STCs to be a battery supplier to Cessna Citation owners.

The purpose of the STC, which covers models 500, 501, 525, 525A, 550, S550, 552, 560, 560XL, 650, 750, is to simplify installation of Wilco and Concorde batteries in Cessna Citation aircraft. It also allows the Wilco private label battery to be interchangeable with the original NiCad battery or original Cessna lead acid battery.

The STC provides a temperature sensing plate placed under the battery that effectively measures the relative battery temperature as required to satisfy the aircraft monitoring and annunciating systems, eliminating any placards.

The Wilco and Concorde battery operation is identical to the operation of the original NiCad battery, so requires no electrical or mechanical modification of the aircraft or changes in the Pilots Operating Handbook (POH).

For more information: 800-767-7593.

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