Aerox receives PMA to sell its built-in oxygen system

The FAA has issued a Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) for Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems, Inc. to sell its built-in oxygen system components as replacements for installation in the Cirrus SR22.

Aerox, original holder of an STC for built-in oxygen systems in Cirrus SR22s, meets all FAA requirements to produce and sell these oxygen system components.

“Aerox is pursuing additional PMA and STCs for various other aircraft,” says Lloyd Boston, president.

The built-in systems offer convenience and added safety by reducing clutter, he notes. Passenger tubing, which normally runs through the aisle from a tank attached to the copilot’s seat, is rerouted from a central oxygen cylinder to individual oxygen outlet manifolds located in the center console. Tanks that are offered through the PMA range in size from 22 to 115 cu. ft.

The built-in systems are available with a remote fill. The remote filling block assembly includes a pressure gauge and an MS filling port. All built-in systems include an oxygen cylinder designed to secure safely in the aircraft. A pressure gauge, which indicates the reserved oxygen level in the cylinder, is within sight of the pilot at all times and is included in the console mount and central manifold assembly. A convenient off/on switch is installed in the console.

Also available are portable and built-in oxygen systems that accommodate aircraft with two to six passengers.

For more information: 800-237-6902.

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