New IFR training glasses available

Over the years, instrument students and their instructors have used a variety of devices to create simulated instrument conditions. Instant IFR Training Glasses are the newest incarnation.

The Instant IFR lenses are frosted to simulate actual IFR conditions for instrument training. The precision frosting and wraparound design helps prevent cheating.

Instant IFR Training Glasses have adjustable hinges to match the pilot’s headset, telescoping temples for a customized fit and low-profile temples for maximum comfort. The curved-frame design of the Instant IFR Training Glasses rests on regular eyeglasses or sunglasses for extra support.

With a five-year warranty, the Instant IFR Glasses come in its own carrying case and choice of clear, tinted or yellow (high acuity) lenses.

Cost: $14.95.

For more information: 800-SPORTYS.

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