Russians enter LSA market with Sigma

Designers at the VVV-Avia factory in Samara, Russia, are completing the necessary paperwork to introduce the Sigma Aircraft as the newest entry in the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) market. The airplane will be introduced to the U.S. during EAA AirVenture in July.

According to its designers, the Sigma represents a conscious move to break with the traditional two-seat, high wing design as embodied in the Cessna 150/2. The cockpit “pod” of the Sigma was created to provide plenty of room for pilot and passenger (48-inches wide), good visibility and docile flight characteristics.

The Sigma is constructed of aluminum with a surface covering made of composite materials. It includes a steerable nosewheel and disc brakes for smooth ground handling.

With a top speed of 126 mph, the Sigma cruises at 109 mph at 75% power. Stall speed is 43 mph and landing distance is 492 feet. Absolute range with 17 gallons and the Rotax 912 engine is four hours.

The Sigma will be marketed in North America through and its national network of Sport Aircraft Regional Centers (SARCs).

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