Another propeller option for Husky available

Aviat Aircraft has secured STC rights to offer a new propeller option for the Husky. Up to this point, the Husky has been produced with a 76-inch, two-blade Hartzell propeller. Now it is possible to order a new aircraft with an 82-inch MT composite propeller.

The new blade creates more thrust, which in turn provides improved rate of climb, better floatplane operations, and better high density response. Added thrust shortens the takeoff run in any configuration. The extra blade length eliminates an undesirable harmonic that occurs with the Lycoming engine in the 2,000 to 2,150 rpm range, and which must be avoided except for brief durations.

An STC is available for owners of Huskys who would like to upgrade to the MT. The new propeller can also be ordered with new aircraft production as an option.

As an option for new aircraft, the MT propeller costs $5,600, as an STC retrofit upgrade for the Husky, it will cost $9,480.

For more information: 307-885-3151.

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