New DVD on Sportsman 2+2 available

Glasair Aviation has developed a new DVD video presentation featuring its Sportsman 2+2.

Filmed and edited by Scott Guyette and Robb McAllister of EAA’s television department, the 18-minute program features air-to-air footage, showing the aircraft on floats, regular tires and tundra tires. Viewers get to see the Sportsman taking off and landing as a trike, taildragger and floatplane.

Ted and Tom Setzer, who participated in the design of the Sportsman, provide commentary. They also address the kinds of mission profiles that are possible with the aircraft.

The video also shows how a buyer can take advantage of Glasair’s Customer Assembly Center and within three weeks have a near-complete airframe on its main gear, with the engine and prop in place. Those who opt to use the CAC can expect to have their aircraft completed and on the flight line within three months.

The DVD is free.

For more information: 360-435-8533, ext. 232.

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