Voodoo not Banshee

On page 50 of the June 3 issue, there is a photo of a USAF F-101 Voodoo incorrectly identified as a Banshee. I’m sure there is a deluge of comments coming in, probably from former Voodoo folks who want their proper recognition. Having deployed to Korea back in the early 1950s with VF-11, then a F2H-2 Banshee squadron, it was easy to pick up the mistake.

I loved the article on the Virginia Aviation Museum. As president of the Williamsburg chapter of the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society (VAHS), I was pleased to see the museum gain some well deserved recognition. Mike and his staff work under very constraining conditions.

The museum seems to be a stepchild of the Virginia museum complex and Mike, Dave and Kim have to struggle to keep up the quality operation. You can see they are rather successful at their endeavor. We in the VAHS serve as a support group for the museum operations. Probably many of the docents your staff dealt with doing the interview are members.

I enjoy your publication. I seldom make it a practice to comment on simple errors like the one mentioned above as they really don’t alter the quality of your product. I sometimes believe that the errors are deliberate to see what response can be elicited from the readers, sort of a marketing survey via the backdoor.

Bill Schultz
via email

Editor’s Note: You’re right, we were deluged with letters from our readers commenting on the mistake.

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