Flight Explorer Pilot Edition: New tool for saving time and improving safety

GA pilots now have a new tool that will save them time and money when they are preparing to fly: Flight Explorer Pilot Edition from Flight Explorer, a provider of Internet-based, real-time global flight tracking information, reporting and display products.

The new product allows pilots to see the weather along their planned routes of flight; receive PDA or cell phone alerts of the preliminary flight plan route; view FAA delay information or textual METARs and TAFs for an airport of interest; display of TFRs with text descriptions; or send automatic emails to people when they have departed or arrived.

Flight Explorer Pilot Edition has all of the features of Flight Explorer’s Flight Explorer Personal Edition, as well as NEXRAD weather overlay; display of flight plans and actual routes flown; and alerts to PDAs and cell phones when the FAA releases the preliminary IFR flight plan routing. It also provides views of the most popular FAA-approved routes between airports.

Introductory price is $15.95 a month for 10 hours of access (regular price is $18.95) when subscribers sign up by Aug. 31.

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