Hypoxia awareness training offered

FlightSafety International and the Mayo Clinic are offering a new hypoxia awareness training program at FlightSafety Learning Centers.

The program was developed by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research and FlightSafety’s simulation and courseware developers. It is conducted without using hypobaric chambers.

Hypoxia is caused by a lack of oxygen or the inability to use sufficient oxygen. Symptoms vary but usually progress from slower reaction times to errors in judgment and eventual loss of consciousness.

A Mayo Clinic-trained observer monitors each participant as gradual loss of oxygen up to a simulated altitude of 22,000 feet is experienced and an understanding of the effects of hypoxia on judgment, reasoning and decision-making is achieved. The course also includes comprehensive physiological and ground school sessions covering FAA regulations and advisories for high-altitude operations.

For more information: 718-801-9027.

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