QC Avionix debuts sensor simulator and tester

QC Avionix has released the SST-4M, its universal sensor simulator and tester. You can test EGT and cylinder temperature gauge wiring, indicators and probes, fuel gauge and other resistance-based sensors with this easy to use sensor simulator/tester. SST-4M provides a stable, regulated and adjustable voltage from 7-70 mV with an accurate LCD digital voltmeter to test, calibrate and adjust the temperature reporting systems of aircraft thermocouple or resistance based sensors.

The simulator/tester has four modes: one for generating a stable test voltage to drive the system; an accurate milli-voltmeter to measure the output voltage of a probe under test; an accurate ohmmeter (0.2-199 ohms) for measuring the resistance of both thermocouple and resistance based probes and sensors; as well as a resistor substitution mode for simulating resistance based probes and sensors.

Internal Ni-MH batteries provide hours of operation and the included charger can be left connected without battery damage.

Price: $399.95.

For more information: 978-897-3891.

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