New hypoxia awareness training available

FACTS Training has expanded the decompression module in its emergency procedures training program.

The Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device (ROBD), which provides crewmembers with the opportunity to experience hypoxia in a controlled and monitored environment, has been added to all training locations.Rather than physically exposing a subject to lower total pressure in a decompression chamber, crewmembers can experience the effects of hypoxia using a system that changes the composition of the gas mixture inhaled. The ROBD can simulate up to 30,000-foot altitudes in a safe environment to train and familiarize pilots with the dangerous and paralyzing effects of hypoxia. As the training is administered, each crewmember is monitored for heart rate and oxygen saturation levels, and tested for reduced visual capabilities and degraded motor and cognitive functions, any of which could lead to catastrophic consequences in flight. Experience with the effects of hypoxia and how each individual responds provides pilots with a benchmark, giving them an idea of their own time of useful consciousness.

For more information: 360-754-9805.

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