Three die in first Columbia crash

In the first fatal accident of a certified Columbia aircraft, three Scottsdale, Ariz., residents were killed Oct. 17 when their Columbia 400 crashed in the mountains near San Diego.

Dead are Barrett Lauchner, owner of Lancair Certified Southwest, his wife Gina Marie, and Terry James Boom, a flight instructor and demonstration pilot for the company.

In 2004 the Lauchners participated in General Aviation News’ Ultimate Itinerary contest. Gina Marie wrote about their first flight in the brand new Columbia 400, which included a trip to AirVenture.

According to San Diego law enforcement officials, the Lauchners had been in California to attend the Miramar Air Show. Weather at the time of departure was reported as rainy, with low clouds and fog.

The NTSB is investigating the accident.

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